petek, 06. november 2009

5. 11. (Trin)

1116 / 3000 words. 37% done!

It's going craaaazy. ^^

Teaser time!! (mislm da lahko dam 2 pr tako bolanem word countu :S)

nr. 1: You also get used to lots and lots of other things you never thought you could, but getting on with Archie kind of people is the greatest skill the Army gave me.

nr. 2: The nearest house is just 20 minutes of walk away, and after that house, there are even more houses, so that would probably make a village?

Damn, the point is that I'm not isolated from the world, I've taken precautions, so even if something happens to me, I will not be found half eaten in my bed or something.

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