petek, 04. december 2009

Sam tko

Jst bom tole dokončala v ponedeljek ali torek, ko bom fertik s seminarsko. Kaj pa ti? :P

petek, 27. november 2009

I iz very inspired today (vignette)

Sej je 100 besed flash fiction? It is v. hard to write but I did try my best!

(edit: it's a vignette, sam se spomnem da si ti enkrat neki pisala da je moglo bit točno 100, well here it is)


The sky was so weird, in shades of violets and grays, and the air carried the sound of rustling leaves with it. She loved and hated it both, the way it made her feel nostalgic and at the same time felt so alien.

“I don’t know you anymore,” she told him.
He probably didn’t know her either, because he kept on ignoring her and she kept on trying.

Until he answered.

“What, you don’t know me anymore?”
“It’s not that – so I’m dead as well?”

Pause, stretched like the river of ashes she never noticed before.

“Excuse me?”

26. 11. (Trin)

3532 / 3000 words. 118% done!

Zj sm ugotovla da so sam še 3 dnevi pa da če gremo po uni dramatični al kakšni strukturi, da sm zj na špici, morm se pa še zapeljat celo pot dol. :S

Aja, pa teaser. I wanna share my 8 storiez with you (btw ne vem če je to sploh še short story ... long story? xD)

“What’s the time?” She lit a cigarette and held it between two fingers of her left hand. I noticed that her

were painted the exact same shade of purple as her

“Was 2505 when I last checked,” I said and

the leaves

and stuff.

sreda, 25. november 2009

24.11. (Kejt)

2710 / 3000 words. 90% done!

24. 11. (Trin)

3129 / 3000 words. 104% done!

Ha. Hahaha. HA HA.

Nice joke.

Če bi bila tolk napredna s seminarsko bi bla tud čista zmaga.

nedelja, 22. november 2009

22. 11. (Trin)

2765 / 3000 words. 92% done!

No, zdj se je dejansko začelo dogajat. :S mal se bojim, da bo na koncu dooooooooooooolg exposition, malo akcije in potem konec. That was not the way I planned it!


2561 / 3000 words. 85% done!
We're awful (and not in the pride&prejudice-old-skul sense).